• One Million Children Campaign

One Million Children

Pat Francis Ministries and a passionate team of people joined hand and heart to launch a One Million Children Fund Raising Campaign. The initiative is designed to raise awareness and drive donations for desperate children who are suffering and dying daily because of abandonment. Of the 143 million children who are abandoned due to AIDS, hunger, disease, civil war and poverty only .03% will be adopted into families this year. The vast majority will live on the streets as victims of poverty, abuse, sex slavery and work slavery.

Through our One Million Children Campaign. Caring Fighters are ready to give, go, pray and build an alternative of hope for desperate children.

You can become a One Million Children Ambassador by:

  1. Organizing a fundraising campaign with peers, company, organization, church or organized group.
  2. Donate land in poor developing nations for Covenant Garden Estate developments.
  3. Help us to share and promote the mission of One Million Children.

Together we can save children and families; break cycles of poverty; create cycles of prosperity; and change the statistics of poverty by helping one victim at a time.

Please send for more information to become a OMC Ambassador and we will send you an OMC Ambassador Package. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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