• How You Can Help

How You Can Help

You can help by joining our team of caring believers in the cause of saving children. Together we shall fight for the powerless, help the helpless and destroy the vice of poverty. We are the ears that hear their cries; the voice that speaks for them; the loving hands to lift them out and into joy.

Ways of giving include:

Give: $30, $50 or more monthly (You can help with basic needs, education, etc )
>>> Donate

Build: Give to build a CGE home, or give of your time and skill in missions in South Africa.
>>> Building a home

Share: Spread the news and get your friends, peers at work, Church, to give and launch a mini-campaign.
>>> Becoming a CGE Ambassador

Pray: Through prayer God touches hearts and rescue lives. Pray for the CGE development and our development team; Pat Francis Ministries and our One Million Children campaign. 

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