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7 Step Program

The complexity of poverty makes it cyclical, generational and often systemic.  For this cycle to be broken it involves a holistic approach that involves resources, a committed team with various disciplines, health care (physical, mental, spiritual), education and enterprise for transformational results that will not only affect the children but also communities. Our Covenant Gardens Estate program contains a 7-step approach that rescue children from desperate, life threatening circumstances into a program for safety, security and successful living to develop healthy families and strong communities.


7 steps of societal transformation


Our Covenant Gardens Estate 7-Step Program:

1.   Rescue
Children are taken out of dangerous and life- threatening environments of deprivation, exploitation and abuse and put into a safe family environment in a home of hope and care.

2.   Survival
Basic needs of shelter, nutritious food, safe drinking water, medicine, care and security are provided for the children.

3.   Equip
We provide education and training that will develop the minds and activate the spirits of the children to believe and dream the possible dream for a life of hope and dignity towards a career path.

4. Empower
Poor children often become poor adults in a generational cycle unless empowerment comes through the ability to earn a good income through career or business opportunities.  Our CGE program aims to guide and help the children with an education that is combined with a strategy of focused job training for employment, career or business. Considerations will be given to local demand for employment or business opportunities.

5. Significance
As graduates of CGE, each graduate is expected to give back to their CGE community as an Alumni to help, mentor and coach other children to their pathway of success.  Significance comes when our graduates themselves become the solution to children in need and bring value.  Those who are helped become the help to others in need.

6. Community
In order to reverse the onslaught of systemic poverty and disease, we have developed a sustainable model that merges the community's need with marketplace solutions. Covenant Garden Estate includes homes for the children and House Aunties, farming that provides food for the children, training and jobs for people in the community.  A Bakery is now being developed as well as Chicken Farming.  With our various enterprising programs our CGE graduates will be groomed for career or business opportunities.  We are developing a CGE Health Care Centre that will provide medical, mental, dental and spiritual care for our children and the community.

7. Societal Transformation
We aim to foster thriving and self-reliant communities with our enterprising strategy that involves education, job creation and community involvement for implementing change.  We work with individuals, community Leaders, Chiefs, government agencies and Churches within a community and build relationships for the purpose of applying a collective approach for lasting solutions and stronger communities. 

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