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Pat Francis Ministries

Pat Francis Ministries is a Christian, non-profit organization based in Toronto, Canada that is touching millions of lives globally.

Our Mission:

“To take the message and the mission of Jesus Christ to all nations.”

The message of the Kingdom of God

The message is called the “Good news of the Kingdom of God”. It is our mission to disciple nations, teach and train believers to grow in strength and prosperity with practical application of the Bible in all areas of their lives. God has made a bold declaration that “The kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord.” Through conferences, seminars, media and communication and by providing uplifting teaching resources, we are empowering believers to possess and rule in their kingdom of influence. Our message inspires people of all walks of life because it is relevant, practical and inspires faith for a better life and victorious living.

The Mission of the Kingdom of God

The mission is the “Good works of the Kingdom God” and this is done by giving and helping poor children and families at risk, medical missions and doing community work. We are called to feed and clothe the poor, minister to orphans and elderly, visit those in prison, and to show God’s goodness and mercy to people of all ages, culture and nationalities. God loves the world.

Through prayers and generous support of our partners, our message and missions has ministered and helped children and families in Asia, China, India, Africa, North and South America, Jamaica and help with disaster relief in Haiti.

To strategically serve and create solutions for people at risk, Pat Francis Ministries has developed charities such as www.solutionforthepoor.ca , www.covenantgardenestate.org

Pat Francis Ministries was established in January 1999 and is registered in Canada, America and Jamaica as a charitable organization. It is the Media and Missions arm of Kingdom Covenant Ministries, www.kingdomcovenant.ca, a vibrant multi-cultural Church in Toronto, Canada.

We are changing lives, impacting generations and transforming communities.




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