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Missions & Values

  • To rescue desperate children, provide for their safety, care, educational and spiritual needs, so that they may reach their full potential of dignity, success, and significance
  • To transform lives and communities with training and outreach programs
History: In the 1990s, Dr. Pat Francis, the coordinator of Covenant Garden Estate and One Million Children rescue campaign, travelled for many years on short term missions to Africa, Asia and India. She saw the horrors of poverty as she worked with children and families living in slums and on road sides without clean water, food, housing and medical care. She held and prayed for babies that were dying of starvation and looked into the eyes of mothers and fathers without hope for a better future. She became gripped with a compassion that demanded action and a solution to rescue, help and empower suffering children and families. After many years of travelling alone, she began taking teams on short term missions to provide food, clothing, care packages, medicine and dental care to children and people stricken by poverty, disease and other adverse human conditions. Through the monthly contributions from our partners we have provided help to children and families in Asia, Africa, India, Caribbean, South America, China, Haiti and Pakistan.
Charity and Enterprise: Our holistic approach, “Charity and Enterprise”, takes children from rescue and survival right through to empowerment with education, job creation and community development. Through enterprising projects we also provide market-driven sustainable solutions that not only provide aid to children and the poor, but also employment and transformation of communities.
Philosophy: Our philosophy involves partnering with the people of developing nations to provide solutions for their communities, thus giving dignity and satisfaction to all participants.
Responsibility: We care for our world and the people of our world and are committed to its betterment. By helping people one person at a time we are changing lives and transforming communities.
Partnership: By working with partners we are able to leverage strength and experience that make our program effective in diverse cultures globally.
Accountability: We remain accountable to our supporters, partners to ensure efficiency and successful results.
Creativity: Continuous improvement of programs and processes is our culture and we are therefore open to new ideas as we aim to reverse systemic poverty and create systemic prosperity in the lives of children and families.
Covenant Gardens Estate is a project of Pat Francis Ministries, a registered charity based in Canada and America and Pat Francis Trust a registered Charity in South Africa.
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