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About Us

Covenant Garden Estate is a project of Pat Francis Ministries  and a team of Global Leaders that focuses on rescuing abandoned children at risk by providing homes in a safe and caring environment.   As a child development centre, CGE includes homes for children and home mothers, school, multi-purpose centre for dining, worship and activities, medical centre, recreation facilities, library, administration and security complex, depending of the location.

CGE's land was donated to Pat Francis Ministries and a team of skilled influential leaders volunteer to serve and develop the project.  Funds are raised globally for the design and development of the estate.

Along with the facilities comes our 7-step Program for rescue and developing the children with dignity and hope of a strong future. Love, care and education play a vital role in our 7-step program. The strength of our program is our strong team of committed, talented team in all areas of disciplines. 

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